04 Nov 2019 Press Release

Sharing Love with Mount Agung Refugee Children #senyumkemBALI

The entire Diamond Group family is very concerned about the fate of the refugees of Mount Agung eruption that occurred some time ago.

To that end, Diamond Group is committed to contribute in the form of providing Food Storage in the form of containers and freezers, to overcome the problem of storing food ingredients in refugee camps, as well as 5000 boxes of ready-to-drink milk to ensure adequate nutrition for refugee children.

Besides that, One Day Activity was also carried out at the GOR Suecapura Public Logistics and Kitchen Center, which was aimed at entertaining children and putting a smile on their faces.

In the #senyumkemBALI CSR activity with Diamond, Diamond Group strives to help volunteers and refugees in providing food storage for Meat, Chicken, Fish, Vegetables, and fruits to have a long self-life so that it stays fresh for consumed or in other words so it does not rot easily.

In addition, Diamond Group also supports 5,000 UHT milk boxes to meet the nutritional needs of displaced children and makes One Day Activity an arena of play and entertainment for refugees, especially children, so that they remain cheerful and excited about the following days.

PT Diamond Food Indonesia believes that the importance of CSR activities is to be carried out so that in undergoing business activities and innovation in Indonesia, PT Diamond Food Indonesia continues to strive to take part in improving the quality of life of people in Indonesia, not only through its products, but also through this CSR activity.

Because CSR activities will provide positive benefits both to the people of Indonesia and to the company.

"This activity is more as a form of our concern for our brothers and sisters of the refugees, especially to our younger siblings, which we must ensure is sufficient nutritional intake for their growth," said Mr. Nino Sari, Group General Manager of Corporate Communication Diamond Group. (*)