Disaster Relief


To help evacuees of the Mount Agung volcano eruptions in 2018 overcome food storage problems at the evacuation camps, Diamond Food Indonesia donated food storage containers and freezers. DFI also donated 5.000 boxes of ready-to-drink milk to ensure that the children receive adequate nutrition. We also collaborated with Bouncy Castle Bali Kids, holding a one-day activities to entertain the children and bring back smiles to their faces.

Donation for Lombok

In 2018, Diamond Food Indonesia helped the survivors of the Lombok earthquake through a donation made via ACT. We donated 25,000 San Benedetto mineral waters; 100.000 Lotus biscuits; 2,000 Go Natural bars; 10,000 Diamond Milk boxes and 1,000 Diamond ice cream containers.


Clean water is vital in maintaining the health of natural disaster survivors. Diamond Food Indonesia donated 245 litters of clean water to evacuees following the tsunami in the Sunda Strait.